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The International Center for Metropolitan Growth combines financial and marketing analysis with regional political and historical insight. There is no parallel institution in the marketplace today. In our fast-paced, increasingly fragmented world, ICMG has the techniques, resources, and expertise to provide a durable and adaptive market advantage to the most promising businesses worldwide. Our quarterly, annual, and biannual reports connect innovators with the most cost-effective local, county, and state governments. Our clients see results in terms of decreasing costs, increasing revenues, and unparallelled profit growth.

Bring your business to the United states:

Success is more available and abundant than ever before in human history. ICMG processes complicated layers of state regulation and taxation, while identifying the most affordable labor supplies and facilities for growing corporations in every sector. The key is the global resilience of the North American marketplace. While China and India race to duplicate the unprecedented achievements that led to the Industrial Revolution, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have formed a political and economic partnership that remains decades ahead of their global competitors.

Successful companies struggle to overcome the regional and national boundaries to economic growth. ICMG provides the means and opportunity to access the stable, strong North American market with speed and efficiency that has never been available.

Industries Include

  • Telecom & IT
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Realestate


“Walter is truly a leader for the people. Villanova students today are still benefiting from the positive changes he made years ago. His unselfish work continues to benefit those around him today.”

-Peter Figueredo