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The International Center for Metropolitan Growth helps your business find its most effective points of entry
into the North American marketplace. From retail clothiers to green energy innovators, ICMG has identified
and placed the fastest growing enterprises in the most supportive regional markets in the United States.
As a consumer market, North America remains unparalleled in the world. Now is the time to take your
enterprise to the next level. ICMG has consultants that work with the twelve largest metropolitan areas in
the United States and will coordinate your business' fastest, most cost-efficient arrival into any (or all) of
them. You might be a franchise, a new start-up, or a Fortune 500 company -- ICMG will provide you with
detailed strategies and tactics and the personal relationships necessary to implement them for your investors
and bottom line.

Take advantage of our unique blend of real estate, governance, and economic research and analysis. You
will receive a Target Market Report (TMR) that will give you the competitive advantage over your competitors.
Each report is specifically developed for your company. They use the most sophisticated qualitative and
quantitative analysis tools available. Past clients have noted that the TMRs gave them information that
offered a durable edge on their competitors that lasted almost five years.

The ICMG consultants offer your company the fast-track to growing revenues and profits. Please complete
our Client Information Form , and you will start the process of making your business a leader
in its industry.

Industries Include

  • Telecom & IT
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Renewable Energy
  • Realestate


“Walter is truly a leader for the people. Villanova students today are still benefiting from the positive changes he made years ago. His unselfish work continues to benefit those around him today.”

-Peter Figueredo